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Plan Coverage

Benefit Summary In-Network Out-of-Network
Eye Exam (not including contact exam)  $15 Copay Reimbursed up to $45
Frames 100% covered, $170 Benefit Max Reimbursed up to $70
Single Vision $35 Copay Reimbursed up to $30
Bifocal Lined $35 Copay Reimbursed up to $50
Trifocal Lined $35 Copay Reimbursed up to $65
Lens Options  
Anti-Reflective Coating 100% Covered Not Covered
Blended Lenses 100% Covered Reimbursed up to $50
Progressive Lenses 100% Covered Reimbursed up to $50
Tinted/Photochromic 100% Covered Not Covered
(instead of frames and lenses)
100% Covered, $170 Benefit Max Reimbursed up to $105
Contact Lens Exam Up to $60 copay Not Covered

Benefit Frequency

The exam, frames and lenses are available every 12 months, starting wiith the first date of service.

No ID Cards

An ID card isn’t required to receive services. Simply call a VSP provider to schedule an appoinment and tell them you are a VSP member. The provider and VSP will handle the rest. If you would like an ID card, log on to VSP.com or the VSP app to access.

The information on this page is a partial description of benefits, limitations, exclusions, and other provisions of the group benefits provided by Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society (WoodmenLife). If there is a difference between the information in this summary and the plan document for each plan, the plan documents govern. Eligibility requirements apply to each of the benefits offered, criteria may include employment status and/or individual qualifications. For more detailed information, refer to the Summary Plan Description of each plan. WoodmenLife may amend these plans at any time. The description of the plan is not a guarantee of benefits and should not be construed as such.

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