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Your benefits take effect the first day of the month following your hire date. You will receive an email with instructions to complete your online enrollment by accessing the Employee Self Service dashboard via the Lawson Portal. From the dashboard, select “New Hire Enrollment” to begin. You must enroll within 31days of the date you are eligible for coverage.

What's New for 2019

  • Wellness tiers reduced from six down to two; Preferred and Standard. Your tier is based on your voluntary participation in the Well-being Program; with Preferred providing the lowest premium.
  • Select HRA Plan:
    • Increased copayments for doctor visits:
    • Primary Care $30
      Urgent Care $55
      Emergency Room $175
    • Increased copayments for retail prescriptions:
    • Generic $15 copay
      Brand Name Formulary 30%, $37.50 minimum, $150 maximum
      Brand Name Non–Formulary 30%, $62.50 minimum, $250 maximum
      Specialty 30%, $75 minimum, $300 maximum
    • Increased copayments for mail order prescriptions:
    • Generic $37.50 copay
      Brand Name Formulary 30%, $93.75 minimum, $375 maximum
      Brand Name Non–Formulary 30%, $156.25 minimum, $625 maximum
  • Disability:
    • Short Term – Maximum duration of benefits extended to 25 weeks.
    • Long Term – Elimination period for benefits extended to 180 days.
      Disability occurrences January 1, 2019 and later will be subject to the updated plan design based on review and approval by The Hartford.


  • There are no ID cards sent for vision (VSP) or dental (MetLife). If you are enrolled in these benefits and would like an ID card, please visit their websites, set up your account access (if you have not already); log in to print an ID card.

Qualifying Event

Under Federal regulations, after a plan year (January–December) has started, you will not be able to change your benefit elections unless you have experienced a qualifying life event. These events result in changes in your family, including:

  • Birth
  • Marriage
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Spouse employment status change

Your election changes must be consistent with the status change brought about by the qualifying life event; please notify the Benefits Department within 31 days of the event to make any changes. Documentation may be required.

For more information on a qualifying event, please visit NebraskaBlue.com

Benefits and Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible benefit plans. WoodmenLife automatically processes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis. Premiums are deducted from your paycheck prior to the calculation and deduction of taxes, and therefore your taxable income is reduced.

This means more take-home pay!

To enroll, you will need to be logged on to WoodmenLife's system, either onsite or via VPN. Once you log in to the Lawson self-service website, click on "Bookmarks" in the upper left corner, then Employee Self-Service > Benefits > Benefits Enrollment to make your selections.